The best delivery services in Casablanca, Morocco

When it comes to digital life in Morocco, Casablanca is the city that shines. Nearly all services are available for delivery and some are even offering same-day delivery.

In this post, I’m sharing with you the best services you can use in Casablanca for food delivery, groceries, and much more.

1. Groceries

These are the services you can use for your groceries: vegetables, fruits, meat, flour, eggs…

IzzaFood (Fruits and vegetables only)

General InfoProsCons
Minimum: None
Maximum: None
Delivery price: Free
Payment method: Cash
– Always fresh fruits and vegetables
Best prices around
– Good customer service
Only cash
– Sometimes they forget stuff but include them in the invoice (double check)
Summary of IzzaFood

If you need fruits and vegetables, is the best. Good quality, good prices, and same-day delivery if you order before 9 AM.

I personally use IzzaFood for fruits and vegetables.


General InfoProsCons
Minimum: None
Maximum: None
Delivery price: 30 MAD
Payment method: Online, cash on delivery, credit card on delivery
– Special refrigerated vehicles for delivery
– Top notch service
– A wide range of product to choose from
Summary of Marjane

For all your other deliveries, Marjane is your friend. It is one of the biggest hypermarkets in Morocco and they just started offering delivery using their new mobile application. You’ll find the link to Apple/Google store in their official website.

The biggest selling point for me is I never get a different product than the one I asked for. If you use services like Glovo (see next), a lot of times you’ll get a different brand, a different product, or even something you didn’t ask for. Marjane also offers same-day delivery if you order before 14h. The delivery is done using refrigerated vehicles, not motorcycles 🙂

I personally use Marjane to deliver everything, including meat.

Glovo (delivery from Marjane)

General InfoProsCons
Minimum: 150 MAD (or you’ll be surcharged)
Maximum: 15 kg
Delivery price: 21 MAD
Payment method: Online, cash on delivery
– Quick 45-60min delivery– Delivery errors (missing products, or different than the one you asked for)
– Limited choice of products
– The 15 kg limit
Summary of Glovo (delivery from Marjane)

Glovo is technically a delivery company, but they can also do grocery shopping for you from Marjane. Use Glovo only when you need something really quickly as they tend to deliver it in an hour or so. However, expect a lot of errors in your order, and there is a 15 kg limit.

I personally stopped using Glovo in favor of Marjane.

Aswak Delivery

General InfoProsCons
Minimum: 300 MAD
Maximum: None
Delivery price: Free
Payment method: ?
– ?– ?
Summary of Aswak Delivery

Aswak Assalam is also a hypermarket in Morocco and recently started offering deliveries. I never tested this one, but it looks promising. Let me know if you tested it and have some feedback to share.

2. Food Delivery

When you want to deliver something from your favorite restaurant


  • Price: Varies (usually 7 MAD – 19 MAD)
  • Free with a premium membership 20 MAD/month

A wide variety of restaurants to choose from and usually delivered in 25-45 minutes. Good service with possibility to tip from the app.

I rarely use Glovo, see my tip below.


  • Price: Varies (usually 10 MAD – 19 MAD)

This is the Moroccan equivalent of Glovo. Please support Moroccan companies whenever you can!

I rarely use Kaalix, see my tip below.

My tip for food delivery

My philosophy when it comes to food: If it tastes good, never change it. That’s why I have a list of my favorite restaurants and I call them directly. They usually offer delivery services for free and you can skip delivery fees and give a bigger tip to the delivery person 🙂

In the rare occasions when I want to try something new, that’s when I use Glovo/Kaalix. Or if the restaurant doesn’t offer delivery (ex: McDonald’s).

3. Electronics

For when your mouse breaks, or when you need a new cell phone. (Apple and Samsung products) is an electronic shop that sells Samsung and Apple products. They offer good prices and the support is really good.

Telephone Boutique (Xiaomi products)

For any Xiaomi product, use Good prices and same-day delivery in Casablanca.

I tested this and I recommend it.


If you use other products than Apple, Samsung, or Xiaomi, hmm maybe check Or if you want to get out of home and explore, go to Derb Ghallef, the biggest electronics shop in Casablanca.

4. Misc

Those aren’t services you need often, but wanted to include them here for information:

Need a SIM card?

The win by inwi is a service offered by the Moroccan operator INWI. Using it, you can choose your desired cell and data plan, and get your SIM card delivered to your home. The top plan: Unlimited calls and 50 GB Internet costs 259 MAD.

If you run out of data, you can always add more by buying passes.

I tested this, and I recommend it.

Sport at home? is your friend. Good quality, good prices, and quick delivery.

I tested this, and I recommend it.

That’s it, everything delivered to your door. But make sure to take some time and take a walk outside 🙂

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