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If you’re starting out, then this is the page you’re looking for. We’ll make sure to get you up to speed about remote working and what do you need to get remote job.


Those are the essential things you need to know about remote working. Welcome to this amazing world!

Not sure how remote working can help you in your personal and professional life? We are talking about this here:
4 reasons why remote work is beneficial for you

Curious what skills do you need for a remote job? This list has you covered with the essential 3 skills for any remote job:
3 skills you need for any remote job

Want some inspiration about jobs you can do remotely? Check out our 5 jobs list:
5 jobs you can do remotely

Getting to know yourself

After the essentials, it’s time to know better yourself and how you can prepare for a remote job.

When starting your professional career, it’s hard to know where you should work. In this article we are answering this question:
Where should I work?

When you work remotely, you’ll have the possibility to work with Remote and Distributed teams. Don’t know what’s the difference? Cool, we got you covered:
Understanding Remote vs Distributed teams

To land a remote job, you need to show to others what you can do. Your resume isn’t the answer here, you need a portfolio:
Building a portfolio

For Software Engineers

As a software engineer, you need to know where the industry is heading to maximise your chances of finding a remote job. Get to know what’s the future of software development in this article:
The future of software applications