The best delivery services in Casablanca, Morocco

When it comes to digital life in Morocco, Casablanca is the city that shines. Nearly all services are available for delivery and some are even offering same-day delivery. In this post, I’m sharing with you the best services you can use in Casablanca for food delivery, groceries, and much more. 1. Groceries These are theContinue reading “The best delivery services in Casablanca, Morocco”

How to make 200$ a month working from home as a student

There is a popular myth many people in Morocco (and everywhere) still believe: “You cannot work and earn money while you are a student.” And the source of it, is another popular myth: “You cannot work unless you have an academic degree. Students have no degrees yet, which means no skills, and therefore they cannotContinue reading “How to make 200$ a month working from home as a student”

What is the auto-entrepreneur status in Morocco and when to use it?

I get a lot of questions about the auto-entrepreneur status in Morocco, and especially the 2% taxation part. Why not paying 2% instead of +35%? And why spend too much time creating a company when you can get this status in no time? All these are good questions, and we’ll answer them in this post.Continue reading “What is the auto-entrepreneur status in Morocco and when to use it?”

Dealing with Moroccan banks without losing your mind

Even after spending more than a year dealing with banks and international transfers, I still think it’s a hard game! In this post, I’ll share my process of finding the best bank in Morocco, how to accept international payments and what are the fees. Banking is something that scares lot of people wanting to startContinue reading “Dealing with Moroccan banks without losing your mind”

Understanding company taxation in Morocco

In prior articles, we covered what entity you need to work remotely. How you can get health insurance. And now we’ll talk about the taxes. To sum up, there are 4 different types of taxes you’ll need to declare/pay: TVA (Taxe sur la Valeur Ajoutée) This is a taxation paid for the added value. ThisContinue reading “Understanding company taxation in Morocco”

How to get health insurance in Morocco when you work remotely

Last time, we talked about what type of company you need in order to work remotely from Morocco. This time, we’ll talk about health care as it’s an important subject for me and for lot of people. For more articles about the legal side of working remotely from Morocco, check the Legal category. In Morocco,Continue reading “How to get health insurance in Morocco when you work remotely”

Creating the perfect legal entity to work remotely from Morocco

One of the most asked questions about working remotely is how you deal with all the legal paperwork. It was my first question when I started too. I’ll make sure to respond to all question around this topic. I guess it’s stopping a lot from starting in the remote world, so I’ll try to makeContinue reading “Creating the perfect legal entity to work remotely from Morocco”

Best Coffee Shops for working in Casablanca

Last updated: February 14th, 2020 This is a list of coffee shops I tried and recommend in Casablanca. The general note given takes into consideration things like power sockets, noise, mood, view, quality of mobile signal… but also others like price, non smoking area, etc. I dropped the WiFi from this list, as generally speaking,Continue reading “Best Coffee Shops for working in Casablanca”

Why software engineers are leaving Morocco

In 2018, between 50 to 100 software engineers left Morocco every month, usually for France. While Morocco is proud of this achievement, as it shows his good education system, there is something we need to ask ourselves: Why? I’ve worked in the Moroccan software industry for nearly 2 years before quitting. These years were moreContinue reading “Why software engineers are leaving Morocco”