Different ways to invest in Morocco.

There are few information about investing in Morocco on the internet. We usually learn about investing from US books/blogs where investing is as simple as downloading an app and buying stocks.

Sadly, that information and technology is not widely available in Morocco. Instead, companies and banks make it hard to get information and others fail to keep it up to date.

That being said, we did our best to present you the best ways you can use for investing in Morocco. From long term methods, to short and medium term ones.

So, are you ready to starting your investing journey? Learn about the possible options, our recommendations, and how you can start investing using your preferred approach.

Invest for a fixed return using Compte sur Carnet

“Compte sur Carnet” is a way of investing in Morocco by putting your money in a specific account, and getting a fixed return each quarter. Think of it as a savings account.

Learn more about the Compte sur Carnet + our detailed review of the potential returns:

Buying and selling stocks in Morocco

Buying and selling stocks is also a way of investing in Morocco assuming you know what you’re doing 🙂

If you need help understanding this approach, or help buying stocks in Morocco from the stock market, here’s a detailed article about that:

Investing in Morocco via OPCVMs

If you want to invest in the stock market, but you want professionals to manage your money, then this is the best option you have. OPCVM stands for Organisme de Placement Collectif en Valeurs Mobilières.

Learn how you can invest in Morocco via OPCVMs, a way of investing via auto-pilot:

Investing in Morocco for the long term: Retirement plans

If you want to invest for when you’re retired or over 52 years old, then the retirement plans are one of the best options you have.

Learn more about the retirement plans and how you can take advantage of a huge tax cut when investing:

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