Work from home opportunities for Moroccans

Even if remote jobs can be done from home or anywhere, not all companies accept applications from Morocco. This can be due to law, timezones, etc. And if you’re from Morocco and using an international job board like WeWorkRemotely or OKJob, you are probably double-checking each posting to be sure you can apply. And this is frustrating!

This isn’t applied to Morocco only as there are a lot of countries with the same problem. So what these boards did to fix this is adding a “Worldwide” filter. This filter will get you jobs from companies hiring worldwide. But if you used them enough, you’ll see the “Worldwide” filter isn’t really working as you would expect.

Some companies claim they hire “worldwide” if they hire outside of the US. Others think worldwide means the US, Canada, and Europe. While others never bother to mention they can’t accept applicants from Africa until after you apply.

But luckily, we worked on a fix for this.

Today, we are excited to launch Remote Jobs from Morocco, where only companies hiring from Morocco (and all of Africa by extension) are listed. They are handpicked companies to make sure you can spend less time double-checking if Morocco is accepted, and more time perfecting your application.

We hope this will make it easier for African and Moroccan talents to find remote work opportunities, but also for companies to hire from Morocco.

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