Legal help for online workers

All the information you need to turn your online work legal.

Learn more about what you need to work online legally from Morocco. Auto-entrepreneur, creating your company… What’s best for you and what’s not?

Understanding Auto-Entrepreneur

Want to learn what’s the “auto-entrepreneur” status and if you can use it while working online? Learn more about the status.

Company Taxation in Morocco

You used to work for an employer taking care of your payroll, but now you need to understand how everything works for yourself?

Health Insurance for Online Workers

Working for yourself is losing access to your health insurance, but that shouldn’t stop you! Learn how you can get one for yourself.

If you are working remotely and you need help on creating a legal structure, taxes, etc. Ahmed is your guy.


Make it legal ebook cover. All the legal advice you need to work legally from Morocco. For freelancers and remote workers.

All the legal advice you need

Are you a freelancer or remote worker from Morocco? Do you want to make your work legal but don’t know where to start? This e-book has everything you need.

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Hi! I’m Ahmed from Casablanca, Morocco.

I’m a content creator and software engineer working remotely from Morocco.

I help people understand the legal process and remove the burden of switching to a remote career. I also blog about investing and making money online.


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