The Legal guide: How to make your online work from Morocco legal

If you are working online in Morocco, but not sure how to make your online work legal, you’re in the right place! With this guide, we’ll help you answer that question.

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    Now, let’s get to the guide…

    What do we mean by “working legally from Morocco”?

    By “working legally” we mean following all applicable laws in Morocco depending on the legal structure you have. One of the examples of being legal is paying taxes. So you can safely assume that if you’re not paying taxes on your online/freelance work, you are not working legally.

    But this is easily said than done. Sometimes, knowing which laws are applicable, or which legal structure to use can be challenging. Furthermore, the ever changing laws makes it harder to stay legal all the time.

    With this guide, and other resources in this blog, we’ll help you navigate all of this.

    2 ways to make your online work from Morocco legal

    If you want to make your online work from Morocco legal, you have two options: The auto-entrepreneur status, or creating a sole ownership company called a SARL AU (Soci̩t̩ A Responsabilit̩ Limit̩e РAssoci̩ Unique).

    Both of these solutions will work just fine, and both come with pros and cons. Luckily we have some guides to help you with that. Our auto-entrepreneur guide has everything you need to know about this status and if you should pick it. Alternatively, we also have a guide on SARL AU pros and cons.

    Additional matters to keep in mind when working online

    When working remotely, it’s not only about making your work legal. You also need to think about your health insurance, if you plan to get a mortgage in the future, and the ever changing tax laws.

    The guides on this site will help you with these aspects, and you can find them in the end of this guide. Alternatively, our Make It Legal ebook has all these information in one place and gets updated frequently with the latest laws.

    Other resources

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