Why software engineers are leaving Morocco

In 2018, between 50 to 100 software engineers left Morocco every month, usually for France. While Morocco is proud of this achievement, as it shows his good education system, there is something we need to ask ourselves: Why? I’ve worked in the Moroccan software industry for nearly 2 years before quitting. These years were moreContinue reading “Why software engineers are leaving Morocco”

4 reasons why remote work is beneficial for you

Remote working is something beneficial for your career and your personal life. In summary, it’s an international experience and the freedom to work anywhere and at any time. But let’s talk about each thing: Talents from all around the globe You’ll get the chance to work with incredible people from everywhere. This is good forContinue reading “4 reasons why remote work is beneficial for you”

5 jobs you can do from home

There are multiple things you can do online: selling books, teaching, building websites… But all those fall in the category of self-employment and/or entrepreneurship. In this article, I want to present you some jobs (i.e. with a monthly salary) you can do remotely from your home. Also, I’ll link some websites in the end ofContinue reading “5 jobs you can do from home”

3 skills you need for any remote job

If you are working remotely or aspiring to, there are some skills you need regardless of the job. Be it, design, software development, or marketing, this is a list of things you need: English In a company spread around the globe, English is the main language used to communicate. Writing this blog in English, evenContinue reading “3 skills you need for any remote job”