The best coworking spaces in Casablanca (2022)

If you are in Casablanca and looking for a coworking space, here is a list of the top coworking spaces.

To help you choose your next coworking space, we’ve tested each one of them individually and wrote a summary about it. These tests include WiFi speed, noise levels, community, and few other things.

While we presented a list of the top picks here, make sure to read individual coworking spaces review if you want more information about a specific one.

Also, please note that this page, and individual coworking spaces reviews, are updated periodically. If you want the latest information, please keep it in your bookmarks for later usage.

Good coworking spaces in Casablanca

This is a list of coworking spaces we think are good to work from in Casablanca. Each coworking space in this list will give you the best out of your money.

Also, rest assured that WiFi and power sockets are widely available in these coworking spaces. We think those two are crucial for productivity.

01. Commons Zerktouni

Commons Zerktouni is located in the Mers Sultan district. It’s in a walkable area, close to some parks and from a walking distance to the city center.

What you’ll get is an amazing WiFi, a vibrant community, and a good distribution of power sockets. That being said, we have some concerns around noise levels in particular times of the day.

Check the full of Commons Zerktouni below for more information:

02. Le 133

Le 133 is located in the Ziraoui Boulevard close to the Mohamed 5 mosque, city center, etc…

Same as before, the WiFi here is amazing, power sockets are everywhere, and there is also a sleep/yoga room.

Check the full review of Le 133 below including a few images of the space:

Okay-ish coworking spaces in Casablanca

This is a list of coworking spaces we think are okay. They are not the best options, but they aren’t bad either.

01. KoWork Anfa

KoWork Anfa is located in the Anfa Boulevard, close to the twin centers and in the city center.

The coworking space provides half-day passes, has good internet connection, and small rooms (instead of an open space).

Check the full review of KoWork Anfa for a full comparaison:

Coworking spaces to avoid in Casablanca

This is a list of coworking spaces we think you should avoid while you are in Casablanca.

This can be for multiple reasons including WiFi speed, noise, power sockets, etc… As a result, we do not recommend visiting the coworking spaces on this list.

01. KoWork Onomo Anfa

Part of the Onomo Anfa hotel, this coworking space is a hotel floor turned into coworking space.

What I hated the most is the WiFi. Actually, you’ll be using the hotel’s WiFi which is already slow. On the other hand, it has one of the best sound isolation I’ve ever seen.

Check the full review of the KoWork Onomo Anfa coworking space:

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