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4 daily pointers to structure your day

If you worked from an office for a long time, you’re now used to the fact that you have a clearly defined schedule. But when you join the remote world, there is no such schedule.

This can be disorienting and stressful. What should you plan? When? And how to get the hang of it?

After working remotely for 4 years, and perfecting this plan and structure as much as I can, here are the 4 things you need to plan every day:

Work time

Well, this goes without saying, but I wanted to start with it. When you don’t have a plan, it’s easier to work a lot, or not work at all. As they say, with freedom comes responsibility.

So make sure to plan your work time depending on how you feel your day is going to be. Of course, block your time for maximum productivity.

Personal time

If you are only planning your work time, you’re doing it wrong. Work will expand and fill up all the free time you have. So if you aren’t planning something at 6 pm, be sure you’ll continue working past it.

You shouldn’t do something fancy during your personal time. It can be reading a book, doing groceries, or picking up your kids from school. But if it’s not planned, it’s not happening.

Social time

A lot of us depend on the office for socializing and meeting new people. Well, that’s not a healthy way of staying social when you start working remotely. As you know, there is no office now!

That’s why planning some social time is what you need. It can be attending an event, a coffee with a friend, or a group lunch. Socializing can happen out of work. And it should be normal.


Oh, it’s easier to skip those, but I made sure to remind you about it! Take breaks, move your body, or maybe dance?

A break is getting up from your chair and moving around. Ideally, you should do this once every hour, because sitting is the new smoking. Staying at your computer and watching YouTube is also a break, but it’s not the one I’m talking about.

Those are the 4 areas that you need to nail down. If you do so, you’ll enjoy your day and have a perfect work/life balance.

If this is something you like, follow this blog for more information about the subject!

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