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Can you pay your SaaS or software purchases using your company?

Nearly all jobs require some kind of software. Either a one-time purchase, or a subscription model like productivity apps, design software, etc.

While these apps tend to be cheap, their cost adds up really quickly. If you’re a designer or a software developer, you may find yourself paying 3/4 apps every month to do your job.

If you are working online legally (if not, here’s how), and own a SARL company, you can expense your SaaS/software purchases and reduce your taxes.

This may sound weird given Moroccan companies can’t have an international payment card easily, but here is how to do it regardless:

Two notes before going forward:

1 – This is only applicable for companies (SARL) given auto-entrepreneurs can not expense things under the status
2 – You should do this for software related to your work only

1. Pay using your personal card

We’ve been recommending to separate business and personal expenses, but this is one of the rare cases where you don’t have any other option.

So, when you buy a SaaS subscription, or any software online, just use your personal payment card.

2. Generate an invoice using your company information

Once the purchase is done, you need to generate an invoice.

The process of doing this depends on the service you’re buying. What you need is an invoice with your company name and ICE (unique company identifier).

Some services offer this during the purchase flow as billing address, or billing details. So put your company details there.

Other services, however, will not take billing details during checkout. If that’s the case, find a Billing page inside the app, and generate an invoice from there.

3. Send the invoice to your accountant

Take the invoice generated in the step above and send it to your accountant. Ask for a “Note de frais” that includes this invoice.

Your accountant will create a document, send it to you for stamping and signature, and then it will be validated as company expense.

Please note that if the invoice is in a foreign currency, you need to use an exchange rate matching the day of the invoice. You can find the official list of rates in Bank Al Maghrib’s exchange rates page.

4. Send a bank transfer to your personal account

Once the document is validated as a company expense, you can go ahead and send the amount to your personal bank account.

That’s it. That’s how to expense those purchases from your company account.

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