How to get health insurance in Morocco when you work remotely

Last time, we talked about what type of company you need in order to work remotely from Morocco. This time, we’ll talk about health care as it’s an important subject for me and for lot of people.

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In Morocco, CNSS (Caisse Nationale de Sécurité Sociale) is the health care system for the private sector. When you are salaried to a private company, you’ll have CNSS. It’s not a choice, it’s an obligation from the Moroccan government.

So this means, if you work in a private company and only have CNSS, then you don’t have any health care perk from your employer. A lot of companies and HR people brag about CNSS and even add it to their job descriptions. Reality is, they are just applying the law and keeping their costs at a minimum.

So, after getting this out of the way, let’s talk metrics.

How much does CNSS cost?

Some information before going deep:

When you are salaried, both you and your employer pay CNSS. You don’t perceive this as it’s being taken from your salary before sending it to you. Or what we call, taken from the source.

When you work remotely, you’re working in your own company. So you’ll be paying both parts. Keep that in mind! Also, when you pay CNSS, you pay for health insurance AND retirement saving plan. So far, there is no way to subscribe to one and not the other.

Now let’s go to the numbers!

For up-to-date numbers, you can check the official CNSS website. All you need to do is sum up all those percentages in the Taux Global column to get an idea about how much you need to pay.

As of the time of writing this, the numbers are: 13.46% (capped at 6000 DH) + 14.37%. So the magic number you can use to get an idea about how much you need to pay for CNSS is 28% (27.83% to be exact). I know that 13.46% is capped at 6000 DH, but this is just a quick way to get an approximate number.

The CNSS reimbursement are not that attractive. For example, I got a 20% reimbursement on my glasses. That’s because they have a list of “normalized” prices and that’s what used to calculate how much you’ll get in your reimbursement. You can see an example in their site.

To fix this, lot of companies subscribe to a complementary insurance. And that’s what we are going to talk about next.

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How to get a complementary insurance?

Well I have bad and good news. Let’s start with the bad one.

In order to have a complementary insurance in Morocco, you need to negotiate a group contract for your employees. So more employees = better deal. However, the minimum to start is 5 people. Sadly, we know this is not our case as we are the only employee in our company.

Good news is, there is a solution. Currently, there is only one company offering an insurance for individuals. And I want to note this is not a complementary insurance like what is offered by other companies. This is a complete insurance that anyone can subscribe to, even those without a job or not salaried.

This is offered by La Marocaine Vie. The product is called Sehha and comes with two flavors (I love ice cream):

  • Sehha Essentiel+: Up to 70% reimbursement
  • Sehha Optimal+: Up to 90% reimbursement

Of course, like any insurance there are some rules that apply and some thresholds. So make sure to read about this offer in their site.

I know you want numbers. As of the time of writing this, the numbers are:

AgeSEHHA Essentiel +SEHHA Optimal +
< 21 yo1450 DH2500 DH
21 – 502830 DH4450 DH
51 – 654830 DH7740 DH
66 – 706840 DH10960 DH

These prices are for yearly subscriptions. If you start in the middle of the year, you’ll only pay the remaining months and not the whole year price.

So there you have it! All you need to know about health insurance in Morocco. The final price for health insurance depends on your salary, your age, and if you want both options or only one.

If you have more information about this topic, please let me know.

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