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5 jobs you can do remotely

There are multiple things you can do online: selling books, teaching, building websites, etc. But all those fall in the category of self-employment and/or entrepreneurship. In this article, I want to present you some jobs (i.e. with a monthly salary) you can do remotely.

Also, I’ll link some websites in the end of this article to get an idea about remote jobs offers.

Software engineering

The art of making a product!

There is a raise in the software market driven by startups and companies taking advantage of all these new collaboration tools to build their products remotely. When searching for remote jobs online, you’ll likely find more jobs asking for software engineers than anything else.

Software engineering is building products using code. And given the majority of startups are using code to fix a problem. There is a raise in the need for software engineers worldwide. And you can take part of it too.

This is my job, and I’ll give more tips on this in future posts (and make sure to link them here, so you can find them easily)

Sales & Marketing

The art of selling a product!

As any product you create, you need to sell it. And with the raise of social media, marketing can be done remotely. Sales also fall in this category as they can reach customers using email and/or phone and they can do this remotely too.

If you are a commercial in a Moroccan company and spend your day talking to potential customers. Or if you are working with a marketing team and have a solid experience in social media. You are likely to find a remote job in this area.


The art of seducing your clients!

Writing is another hidden gem in the remote working world. In this field, you’ll basically be the content writer for a company. Taking care of their blog, and posting regularly to drive new customers or to communicate with existing ones (new releases, post-mortem, etc). Also, you’ll likely listen to trends and try to maximise the reach and bring new users/clients to your core product.

To work in this role, you probably need an online presence and an experience writing blog posts. Generally, a personal blog can help you. But any prior freelance jobs can get you in the door.

Just to note that writing is important in any remote job, not only if you want to be a writer and/or content editor. Learn why here.


The art of creating an identity!

Your job as a designer is to give identity to the product, website and/or any material used by the company. For example, selling decks, package design, etc.

You’ll be required to have a portfolio of your work in order to catch an interest. It can be a real work done for a company, or just you playing in your free time.

If you’re working on interfaces for apps or websites, you are required to have a knowledge about user experience (UX). It’s the art of knowing your customers which plays a big role in your choice of colors, layout and more.

Customer Support

The art of bringing a smile to the face of customers!

You’ll be in charge of making the clients happy by answering their requests and helping them debug their problems. You need to be a good communicator and able to use phone, email or video chat (depending on the client and/or the industry)

Also, some companies will require you to have some understanding of their product and their offerings. Just to say that you can’t do customer support for technical tools if you don’t have a knowledge (even general) of how things work.

In Morocco, we have a lot of call centers. And I do believe a big part of people working there will be good fit for these jobs.

I hope you find this interesting, and I’m happy to answer your questions if you have any.

Finally, there are multiple websites where you can find remote jobs offers. But I want to give you those having quality offers only:

WeWorkRemotely – We work remotely has some quality job listing. Offers here are usually well written, verified and from well known startups/companies. – Remoteok will free you from looking at multiple websites as it regroups offers from different sources. Use this to have a broad knowledge of what’s happening in the market. It also provides a stats page about remote working.

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