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  • The best delivery services in Casablanca, Morocco

    When it comes to digital life in Morocco, Casablanca is the city that shines. Nearly all services are available for delivery and some are even offering same-day delivery. In this post, I’m sharing with you the best services you can use in Casablanca for food delivery, groceries, and much more. 1. Groceries These are the […]

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  • Work from home opportunities for Moroccans

    Even if remote jobs can be done from home or anywhere, not all companies accept applications from Morocco. This can be due to law, timezones, etc. And if you’re from Morocco and using an international job board like WeWorkRemotely or OKJob, you are probably double-checking each posting to be sure you can apply. And this […]

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  • How to make 200$ a month working from home as a student

    There is a popular myth many people in Morocco (and everywhere) still believe: “You cannot work and earn money while you are a student.” And the source of it, is another popular myth: “You cannot work unless you have an academic degree. Students have no degrees yet, which means no skills, and therefore they cannot […]

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  • How to stop Slack getting in your way when working

    Slack is a widely-used real-time communication tool in remote companies. We use it too at Automattic, and it’s our default app for communication. But the problem with Slack is it’s too noisy. Especially with the default settings. You can not go in a focused work time without getting a Slack notification to ruin it. Or […]

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