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  • Investing in Morocco: Stock Market (Bourse de Casablanca)

    The stock market is probably one of the most known ways of investing money worldwide. In Morocco, the local stock market is known as the Bourse de Casablanca (Casablanca’s Stock Market). We’ll see if it’s a good idea to invest in the stock market and share with you some advice if you want to pursue […]

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  • 2022 Moroccan finance law: Proportional tax (IS)

    A new year, a new update to the finance law! While I won’t cover every change, I’ll at least cover those affecting freelancers and remote workers. The first change affecting us is the proportional IS (Import sur la Société). Before, this tax was progressive. And it’s better explained via an example: Benefits (MAD) IS Less […]

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  • Investing in Morocco: Compte sur Carnet

    “Compte sur Carnet” is a way of investing in Morocco by putting your money in a specific account, and getting a fixed return each quarter. Think of it as a savings account. You can get a “Compte sur Carnet” from your bank and it will be tied to your normal account. This way, you can […]

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  • Moroccans: How much money can you spend on international e-shopping in 2022?

    Every year or two, Morocco updates its laws regarding international spending for Moroccans. As a Moroccan resident or an international resident in Morocco, you don’t have the right to spend more than a specific amount of USD/EUR (or really, any currency other than the local one) in a calendar year. For 2022, you can spend […]

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