Remote work, from Morocco

  • Is it better to be an employee or to create your company as a contractor/freelancer?

    Working remotely means working either as a contractor or an employee. If the company has a legal entity where you live, you’ll be an employee. If not, you’ll be a contractor. But what’s the difference? Is it worth it to be a contractor? Or is it better to be an employee? The short answer is:

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  • Get a preview of our upcoming ebook: Make it Legal

    Hey, it’s Ahmed from First, I want to thank you all for following this blog and for the support you give me. It’s always wonderful to see your feedback, DMs, and public messages. Keep them coming! As you know, I talk about different things in this blog: best coffee shops, productivity, interviews, legal stuff…

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  • Meet I-Wen Huang, a fresh remote UI/UX designer at Sendwave

    I got the chance to connect with I-Wen Huang a few months ago when I first published my ebook: Get That Remote Job. We chatted about remote work, the ebook and the exercises. A few months later, I was excited to learn that she landed her first remote job! In this quick chat, we talked

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  • Calculate your CNSS and IR, step-by-step, with real examples and numbers

    What’s the annoying part about working for yourself or working remotely? Doing taxes, paying yourself, and all those extra things you need to do. But the moment you understand them, you’ll open new doors for yourself. And that’s what I’m helping you with today. In a past post, I gave you the numbers you need

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Make it Legal

Understand the legal requirements to start working remotely from Morocco. Getting health insurance, paying taxes, and more…

Get That Remote Job

Do you want to land a remote job? Let me help you with this free e-book on how to prepare yourself, build your portfolio, and more…