2022 Moroccan finance law: New solidarity tax

When Morocco was facing COVID in 2020, a new “corrective” finance law was introduced to help with COVID-related expenses.

One of the “corrective” measures was introducing a “solidarity tax” (ie, helping with COVID-expense) on individuals earning more than 20.000 MAD per month, and companies making more than 1 million MAD in profit.

With the new 2022 finance law, the Moroccan government decided it will continue this, but only on companies and not individuals. The numbers are:

Between 1.000.000 and 5.000.0002%
Between 5.000.000 and 40.000.0003%
More than 40.000.0004%

This means, if you made more than 1 million MAD in profit, you’ll pay a 2% solidarity tax, in addition to your IS.

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