Our first ever ebook is ready! Learn how to land a remote job and work from anywhere.

After months of work, we finally published our first ever ebook: Get That Remote Job.

We softly published the ebook on Twitter and Product Hunt to gather feedback and fix any issues before letting you all know about it!

Thank you to everyone who reviewed the ebook before launch: Alex Münch. Amine Mouafik, and Elena Hirjoaba. But also to all people who sent me their feedback via Twitter, email, or LinkedIn.

This ebook is created while listening to your problems and feedback. I made sure to respond to the questions I get frequently and the problems you encounter when starting out. And I hope I can help you answer them. Some of these questions and problems are:

  • How to get real world experience when you’re starting out?
  • How to work on your communication skills?
  • How to show off your skills to your future employer?
  • And many more…

If you still don’t have your copy of the ebook, get it now. It’s free!

Learn how to get a remote job with our FREE e-book.

  • How to analyze job postings to get useful data
  • How to develop the required skills for a remote position
  • How to market yourself online prior to applying
  • How to apply for remote jobs and show you can work remotely
  • cheat sheet of the process you can keep at reach 🙂
  • A list of useful apps and resources you can use in your journey

I hope you’ll find the ebook useful. As always, if you have any feedback, let me know via comments or using our contact form.


The future of work is changing, are you ready?

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