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Hey, it’s Ahmed from

First, I want to thank you all for following this blog and for the support you give me. It’s always wonderful to see your feedback, DMs, and public messages. Keep them coming!

As you know, I talk about different things in this blog: best coffee shops, productivity, interviews, legal stuff… But the biggest pain I’ve seen from people working online in Morocco is the legal stuff. Those posts are the most visited ones in this blog and there is no sign of slowing down. Especially that more people are joining the remote world after COVID-19.

That said, and even with these legal posts around, some people still find it hard to understand how everything works. This pushed me to work on an ebook that explains the legal path from start to finish. From picking a legal entity and a healthcare service to understanding taxes, and finally optimizing your salary for the least taxes possible

This would be my second ebook in addition to the free Get That Remote Job one. I’ve put so much time and energy to write all that information down and I believe I covered everything. The final result is good and I finally can have something to recommend when I’m asked: “How the legal stuff works?”.

I also worked on audio files in Moroccan dialect to make it more accessible to folks. Also, a complete Excel file for calculations. You can put your salary, your expenses, and everything is calculated for you! Isn’t that awesome? Both the audio files and the Excel file are sold separately, with the ebook if you want.

This will also be my first time working on a paid ebook, but I’m confident you’ll get so much value from it. I think it’s worth the small price especially that you can easily get that money back if you apply some of the advice on the ebook.

Even if I’m excited about the ebook, and I can talk about it all day, I’ll stop here as I’m ready to share a sneak peek with you all! Here’s a preview of the audio files and the first few pages of the ebook. Happy reading/listening.

You can get the ebook from


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