3 skills you need for any remote job

If you are working remotely, or aspiring to, there are some skills you need regardless of the type of your job. Be it, design, software development or marketing, this is a list of things you need:


In a company spread around the globe, English is the main language used to communicate. Writing this blog in English, even if it’s our third language in Morocco, is intentional. You’ll need it to work remotely in any domain!

Here in Morocco, we are really into teaching people French due to it being our second language. English is not taught well in schools and you probably need to learn it on your own.

But, to get this straight from the start: Never, ever, rely on school to teach you everything you need to know. You need to do things on your own. And this is what separate high performers from others.


Writing is VERY important. People usually underestimate the power of writing. But they are wrong. Just a grab a new page and try to explain your idea by writing. You’ll find it hard to explain things when you don’t have your body language working with you.

And when you do get past this stage. Going back to what you wrote after some time, you’ll find there is a room for improvement in your writing! All this to say, writing is an always evolving art you get better at by doing it over and over again.

Writing will be your main communication tool for everyday use. You’ll use it to communicate with your friends, to share your ideas, to present your work and for everything else. So be sure to practice it.


Our third item on the list: Organization. Be it in your personal life, your work environment, your communications, and basically everything you do.

Working from an office, make you abide by some rules. For example, no folders on your desktop, no mugs with coffee from yesterday, etc. When working remotely, you’re working from home. And if you’re not organized, things can get messy.

This is only an example of things that will shift in your environment. Others include setting up a company and dealing with monthly invoices, taxes, etc. Cooking vs eating out. And others we’ll get into in another post.

That’s it! Those are the necessary things you need for any remote job. Then, each job will have it’s own requirements of course. Given I can’t talk about all of them, as I don’t have experience in every domain. I’ll make sure to share mine and get some guests to share theirs too.

5 thoughts on “3 skills you need for any remote job

  1. first fall thanks for this articals , so please can you give me an adivce how to improve my English Conversation and wrting .

    Thanks .


    1. We’ll talk about this in our upcoming ebook getthatremotejob.com. Make sure to subscribe in order to get it once ready.


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