Auto-entrepreneur’s new 30% tax explained

If you have been following the new 2023 financial law, it was

So there are two things you need to know:

  • The new 30% tax rate is applied when an auto-entrepreneur makes more than 80,000 MAD with one Moroccan client.
  • When that happens, for anything beyond the 80,000 MAD threshold, the client needs to pay 30% tax rate.

So, from an auto-entrepreneur perspective, nothing is changing. The new 30% rate is paid by the client and not the auto-entrepreneur.

But why?

The reason for this change is that Moroccan companies were using the auto-entrepreneur status to avoid hiring people (and paying taxes on their salary). So as a result, the government made this change to get some money from these companies. For international clients, this is not applicable given they can’t employ people in the first place.

So that’s it. I hope it makes more sense now.

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4 responses to “Auto-entrepreneur’s new 30% tax explained”

  1. Hello, how would they know if it’s a Moroccan client ? As an auto-entrepreneur, you only declare your earnings online, you don’t provide information about the client.

    • As you said, they don’t have that information from the auto-entrepreneurs given you only fill your total earnings.

      On the other hand, companies need to fill a detailed earning report, and thus, the gov will know which auto-entrepreneur they worked with and if they have more than 80k with them.

  2. Salam alaikom Ahmed,

    I would like to create my business as an auto-entrepreneur. Do you think it’s possible to do it online? I found XXX on Google, are they trustworthy? Other than them who would you recommend, even for others statuses like SARL, etc.?

    Best regards,
    A lurker.

    • Hello,

      First, I removed the links from your comment as I don’t think they are necessary for the question.

      Regarding your question, auto-entrepreneur can be created easily and you don’t need a third party to do this for you. You just visit a postal office with your national card.

      For SARL, there are many companies out there for creating a company. You can pick any one as the process is fairly straightforward.

      Good luck

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