How much time does it take to build a productivity system?

Creating a productivity system is hard for sure. The road is filled with trial and error, small wins, and headaches when things aren’t going as planned. In the end, how much time does it take to build your productivity system?

I don’t want to break your heart or your will, but it takes months or even years to build a productivity system that suits you. If you’re pushing yourself too hard, take it easy, it takes time.

I’ve been trying to build a productivity system for more than 3 years. Each time trying a new thing and changing habits, systems, and tools. I’ve done multiple mistakes along the way. But it finally clicked.

So, let me tell you why it takes a lot of time to build your productivity system, and why it’s normal:

  1. It should be yours. For a productivity system to work, it should be yours, and only yours. Trying to replicate someone else’s system is not going to work.
  2. Forming habits takes time. Countless books and research are made in this space, and the result is the same. If you want a habit to stick, you should start with small/atomic ones.
  3. Trial and error is a must. Don’t think you’ll adopt the first system you try. It’s all trial and error until you find your goal.

Good luck in your journey, and take it easy!

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