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5 jobs you can do remotely

There are multiple things you can do online: selling books, teaching, building websites, etc. But all those fall in the category of self-employment and/or entrepreneurship. In this article, I want to present you some jobs (i.e. with a monthly salary) you can do remotely. Also, I’ll link some websites in the end of this article to get an idea about remote jobs offers. Software engineering … Continue reading 5 jobs you can do remotely

3 skills you need for any remote job

If you are working remotely, or aspiring to, there are some skills you need regardless of the type of your job. Be it, design, software development or marketing, this is a list of things you need: English In a company spread around the globe, English is the main language used to communicate. Writing this blog in English, even if it’s our third language in Morocco, … Continue reading 3 skills you need for any remote job