Is it better to be an employee or to create your company as a contractor/freelancer?

Working remotely means working either as a contractor or an employee. If the company has a legal entity where you live, you’ll be an employee. If not, you’ll be a contractor. But what’s the difference? Is it worth it to be a contractor? Or is it better to be an employee? The short answer is:Continue reading “Is it better to be an employee or to create your company as a contractor/freelancer?”

Get a preview of our upcoming ebook: Make it Legal

Hey, it’s Ahmed from First, I want to thank you all for following this blog and for the support you give me. It’s always wonderful to see your feedback, DMs, and public messages. Keep them coming! As you know, I talk about different things in this blog: best coffee shops, productivity, interviews, legal stuff…Continue reading “Get a preview of our upcoming ebook: Make it Legal”

Meet I-Wen Huang, a fresh remote UI/UX designer at Sendwave

I got the chance to connect with I-Wen Huang a few months ago when I first published my ebook: Get That Remote Job. We chatted about remote work, the ebook and the exercises. A few months later, I was excited to learn that she landed her first remote job! In this quick chat, we talkedContinue reading “Meet I-Wen Huang, a fresh remote UI/UX designer at Sendwave”

Calculate your CNSS and IR, step-by-step, with real examples and numbers

What’s the annoying part about working for yourself or working remotely? Doing taxes, paying yourself, and all those extra things you need to do. But the moment you understand them, you’ll open new doors for yourself. And that’s what I’m helping you with today. In a past post, I gave you the numbers you needContinue reading “Calculate your CNSS and IR, step-by-step, with real examples and numbers”

The best delivery services in Casablanca, Morocco

When it comes to digital life in Morocco, Casablanca is the city that shines. Nearly all services are available for delivery and some are even offering same-day delivery. In this post, I’m sharing with you the best services you can use in Casablanca for food delivery, groceries, and much more. 1. Groceries These are theContinue reading “The best delivery services in Casablanca, Morocco”

Work from home opportunities for Moroccans

Even if remote jobs can be done from home or anywhere, not all companies accept applications from Morocco. This can be due to law, timezones, etc. And if you’re from Morocco and using an international job board like WeWorkRemotely or OKJob, you are probably double-checking each posting to be sure you can apply. And thisContinue reading “Work from home opportunities for Moroccans”

How to stop Slack getting in your way when working

Slack is a widely-used real-time communication tool in remote companies. We use it too at Automattic, and it’s our default app for communication. But the problem with Slack is it’s too noisy. Especially with the default settings. You can not go in a focused work time without getting a Slack notification to ruin it. OrContinue reading “How to stop Slack getting in your way when working”

Time tracking when working remotely

When you work as a freelancer on different projects, and with different clients, it makes sense to track the time you spend on each project. But what about remote work? Does it make sense to use time tracking too? For remote companies, or at least those implementing remote work right, time tracking isn’t used. AsContinue reading “Time tracking when working remotely”

The savings and extra expenses you should expect when working remotely

If you are new to remote working or thinking of making the leap, you may think remote work is all extra savings. You aren’t spending much now that you’re working from home, you’re skipping the commute, etc. While this is true, there are also new expenses added to the equation. I’ll present to you theContinue reading “The savings and extra expenses you should expect when working remotely”

The best companies you can work for remotely

When it comes to remote working. There are a lot of companies out there. But when deciding to go remote, one should choose wisely. You don’t want a company using “remote working” as an excuse to make you work all day. Or a company monitoring all your moves… I have a list of the bestContinue reading “The best companies you can work for remotely”