Onboarding remote teams

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good onboarding, especially in a remote environment. Onboarding remote teams is setting them up for success and helping your wider team focus on their job.

At the end of a great onboarding, your new hires should have everything they need to perform their job well: understanding the world of remote working, company philosophy and products, and how to be productive.

Today, we want to offer the best tailored onboarding experience for your new hires!

Tailored onboarding for your remote team

We’ve done the heavy lifting of curating the best resources, interviewing remote workers, and distilling years of experience working remotely into an easy to follow guide.

Now, we want to put it in good use!

Take everything we’ve done, combine it with specific content about your company, and voilà, a tailored onboarding for your remote teams.

Best content ready to use

We’ve made our chapters as detailed as possible, while keeping them direct to the point. The result? A short onboarding time with clear understanding of remote working, company culture, and productivity.

All content is written by a remote worker for remote workers. No bullshit or marketing scams.

Chapter 1: Welcome to remote working

Properly introducing remote working to your new hires.

  • Remote work introduction
  • Perks of remote working for employees and employers

Chapter 2: What’s new in this world?

Avoid getting a culture shock by introducing the changes expected in a remote environment.

  • You are in control of your time
  • Communication and transparence
  • Online documentation as source of truth
  • Jargon and most used terms

Chapter 3: Async communication

Introducing one of the pillars of remote working: async communication.

  • Introduction to async communication
  • Why async communication is the best for remote teams?
  • Communicating progress, the async way
  • Asking questions and avoid getting blocked in a remote team

Chapter 4: Get to know your new company

Your specific content goes here

  • Details about your company, history, teams, and divisions
  • Details about your products, offering, and users
  • Company perks

Chapter 5: Get to know your new team/division

Your specific content goes here

  • Specific details about your new hire’s team
  • Introduction to the team manager/lead and details about team structure
  • Tools and workflows used by the team

Chapter 6: Taming distractions

Managing distractions when working remotely for individuals.

  • Introduction to deep work mode
  • Structuring your day to avoid distractions
  • Taking advantage of remote work to reduce distractions
  • Managing your work/life balance

Chapter 7: Supercharged productivity

Planning the day, increasing focus time, and supercharging your new hire’s productivity.

  • Eliminating unnecessary work
  • Automating repetitive tasks
  • Batching look-alike tasks
  • Introducing the GTD method
  • Examples of routines from other remote workers

Chapter 8: Getting social and avoiding routine

Avoiding burnout by properly explaining the challenges and providing proposals on how to fix them.

  • Advices on keeping your social life
  • Tips and tricks to keep your social life relevant
  • Engaging in local communities

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Get to know the author

Ahmed is a software engineer working with Automattic, one of the largest remote company with over 1900 employees in over 60 countries.

With Automattic for more than 4 years, Ahmed worked as an individual contributor and leading teams on different products like WordPress VIP and WooCommerce. He also contributed in onboarding new hires and acted as a mentor.

Ahmed published two ebooks, the Get That Remote Job and Make it Legal to help fellow remote workers. He’s also the founder of remote.ma, the first and only community of remote workers in Morocco.


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Whatever the plan, you’ll always get an up-to-date content and the best support we can give.

What are the setup fees?

Setup fees are costs paid to cover the initial creation of the platform, adding content, linking your domain name, etc. It’s paid once, when first joining our hosted solution.

Are there any free trial to test the platform?

Please get in touch to get the first two chapters for free and a video presentation of the platform.

Can I use my custom domain?

Yes, you can use your own custom domain.


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