Work from home opportunities for Moroccans

Even if remote jobs can be done from home or anywhere, not all companies accept applications from Morocco. This can be due to law, timezones, etc. And if you’re from Morocco and using an international job board like WeWorkRemotely or OKJob, you are probably double-checking each posting to be sure you can apply. And thisContinue reading “Work from home opportunities for Moroccans”

Traveling tips: Packing more, worrying less, and enjoying the journey

Some tips here will help you save space. Others will make you worry less about the travel. And others will help you enjoy your journey. Curated after years of travel. These tips can apply to all travelers. Not only those who travel a lot. So don’t feel this isn’t right for you if you travelContinue reading “Traveling tips: Packing more, worrying less, and enjoying the journey”

6 daily tips for remote workers after working remotely for one year

When working remotely. It’s a different mindset with different challenges. You can read more about this in my personal blog. After adapting to this new environment for one year, I developed some tips I use daily. Those tips are: 1. Avoid rush hours Given you have the possibility to avoid rush hours, please do. LunchingContinue reading “6 daily tips for remote workers after working remotely for one year”

Gear for a remote job

This is the list of things I’m using and you’ll probably use if you’re working remotely. Given you can work from anywhere, this list contains things you’ll use from your home office and others for when you’re with a backpack (coffee shops, co-working spaces, or nomadic lifestyle). Disclaimer:You’ll find me talking about lot of brandsContinue reading “Gear for a remote job”