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  • 7 excuses you’ll hear about remote working

    When talking about remote working, you’ll certainly hear some excuses. The reasons for these are lack of trust, resistance, or sometimes misinformation. People and companies have seen one way of working: coming every day to an office. So it’s normal that they will push back if you start telling them they can do it differently […]

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  • Dealing with Moroccan banks without losing your mind

    Even after spending more than a year dealing with banks and international transfers, I still think it’s a hard game! In this post, I’ll share my process of finding the best bank in Morocco, how to accept international payments and what are the fees. Banking is something that scares lot of people wanting to start […]

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  • Organize your life with a personal assistant: Todoist

    A typical day for all of us involves lot of things we should complete. Buying groceries, working, calling family, and more. Organizing all of this and keeping track of everything is not that easy, especially if you work remotely and your home is also your office! At least, that was the case before discovering Todoist. […]

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  • What to expect from a company retreat when working remotely

    When working remotely, you get used to communicate with your coworkers using audio, video, and text based chat. However, it’s always a good idea to see them in person once in a while. That’s why a lot of remote companies schedule a yearly meeting referred to as: the company retreat. This year, we had an […]

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