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  • Time tracking when working remotely

    When you work as a freelancer on different projects, and with different clients, it makes sense to track the time you spend on each project. But what about remote work? Does it make sense to use time tracking too? For remote companies, or at least those implementing remote work right, time tracking isn’t used. As […]

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  • The savings and extra expenses you should expect when working remotely

    If you are new to remote working or thinking of making the leap, you may think remote work is all extra savings. You aren’t spending much now that you’re working from home, you’re skipping the commute, etc. While this is true, there are also new expenses added to the equation. I’ll present to you the […]

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  • The best companies you can work for remotely

    When it comes to remote working. There are a lot of companies out there. But when deciding to go remote, one should choose wisely. You don’t want a company using “remote working” as an excuse to make you work all day. Or a company monitoring all your moves… I have a list of the best […]

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  • Our first ever ebook is ready! Learn how to land a remote job and work from anywhere.

    After months of work, we finally published our first ever ebook: Get That Remote Job. We softly published the ebook on Twitter and Product Hunt to gather feedback and fix any issues before letting you all know about it! Thank you to everyone who reviewed the ebook before launch: Alex Münch. Amine Mouafik, and Elena […]

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