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Moroccans: How much money can you spend on international e-shopping in 2022?

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Every year or two, Morocco updates its laws regarding international spending for Moroccans. As a Moroccan resident or an international resident in Morocco, you don’t have the right to spend more than a specific amount of USD/EUR (or really, any currency other than the local one) in a calendar year.

For 2022, you can spend a maximum of 100.000 MAD per year + 30% of your IR as long as it’s not more than 300.000 MAD in total.

For example, if you work in the private sector and pay 2.000 MAD per month on IR, you’ll have a total of: 100.000 MAD + 2.000 x 30% x 12 = 107.200 MAD.

Please note that this amount covers all your international spending. This includes any medical spending, the haj/omra, travel…

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