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Learn how to get a remote job with our upcoming FREE e-book

Since the beginning of this blog, I’ve been trying to find ways to help the remote community. We all want to work from anywhere. Skip the commute. Or work the hours that fit us best. But to do that, we need a remote job first.

I get this question a lot: “How can I get a remote job?”. I will lie to you if I tell you it’s the same process. Because it’s not. There are many differences and I wanted to talk about them all. But instead of writing multiple blog posts and making it hard for you to follow. I decided it makes sense to have everything in one place. Like an e-book.

I’m excited to announce Get that remote job. My upcoming FREE e-book. I’ll teach you what’s different about remote companies. Marketing yourself online. Get to know my step-by-step process to get a remote job. And also, a cheat sheet you can keep nearby.

Learn how to get a remote job with our FREE e-book.

  • How to analyze job postings to get useful data
  • How to develop the required skills for a remote position
  • How to market yourself online prior to applying
  • How to apply for remote jobs and show you can work remotely
  • cheat sheet of the process you can keep at reach 🙂
  • A list of useful apps and resources you can use in your journey

This e-book is for all disciplines. Customer support, Marketing, Sales, etc. It teaches you the basics. A process you can apply to any remote job in any industry. It is not tied to an industry like the majority of books out there.

I love to build things in the open and this is why I’m announcing it before it’s done. If you want to get the behind the scenes too. Make sure to subscribe to the blog. I’ll be sharing those on the mailing list only as I don’t want to fill this blog with unnecessary updates.

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