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Traveling tips: Packing more, worrying less, and enjoying the journey

Some tips here will help you save space. Others will make you worry less about the travel. And others will help you enjoy your journey. Curated after years of travel.

These tips can apply to all travelers. Not only those who travel a lot. So don’t feel this isn’t right for you if you travel rarely.

Also, a lot of articles assume you’ll be traveling with an airplane. But there are other transportation methods as you know. I’ll add an airplane emoji ✈️when it’s applicable.

Empty plastic bags

I always pack empty plastic bags with me. The ones you usually use to store your food in the freezer. But this time, for another reason.

You can still use them to store food when traveling. But, for me, I use them to store dirty clothes and keep them contained. I don’t want to put my dirty and clean clothes at the same place.

Small bottles

You can use small bottles for your shampoo, cream, conditioner, and other liquids. And if you’re traveling in an airplane ✈️, those need to be less than 100ml each.

You can find these at stores like Miniso. Or better, next time you go to a hotel, use the bottles they offer and keep the empty ones. You can refill them for your next adventures. And as a bonus, they are usually less than 100ml.

I like to keep the 100ml constraint for all my travels. Even if I’m not traveling by airplane, I take small bottles. I don’t want to take my 500ml shampoo bottle because I’m driving.

Also, you’ll get dehydrated when traveling. So always take an empty bottle with you. Then fill it after the security check ✈️.

Roll your clothes

I started rolling clothes a year ago, and I’ve been using it ever since. Your rolled clothes will take less space. Give it a try next time! There are countless videos on YouTube around this. But the basic thing is: roll your clothes and squeeze as much air as you can.

For a better rolling, get some rubber bands to wrap your clothes. Like these ones. This is the best investment I did. I bought a pack for 10dh (1€) and I’ve been using it since I started rolling my clothes.

However, I don’t recommend rolling formal clothes, as you can damage them.

Get some clothes management pockets

I’m talking about these.

These will help you separate your clothes into buckets. I also think they give you more room as you can squeeze more things into them. But I can’t prove it. Please try it, and let me know if you feel the same. We can start a petition together.

You can get them from Miniso too. Last time I checked, the price was 70dh (7€) per piece, and they have different sizes. But I find them expensive. I got mine from Decathlon in France. They aren’t available in Decathlon Morocco yet.

Those in Decathlon come with 3 different sizes: small, medium, and large. They’ll cost you 10€ (approx 100dh).

Get a SIM card if you plan to work

If you’re visiting another country and plan to work. Get a SIM card. They are usually cheap and you can use them next time you visit the country. Data plans are also cheap as long as you’re not visiting the US or Canada. Don’t rely on WiFi, always have your data.

If you’re visiting for holidays only, your roaming should be fine.

That’s it. Hope you found some good advice here!

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