4 reasons why remote work is beneficial for you

Remote working is something beneficial for your career and your personal life. In summary, it’s an international experience and the freedom to work anywhere and at any time.

But let’s talk about each thing:

Talents from all around the globe

You’ll get the chance to work with incredible people from everywhere.

This is good for both your personal well-being as you’ll get to know new cultures, new people, and live new experiences. Also, you’ll learn from the best and you’ll move quickly in your professional career. Getting an international experience is always a good thing

Less time commuting

Who likes commuting anyway? Riding a taxi, tram or your own car every morning to go to work, and every evening to go back home? Who likes being stuck at the traffic jam for hours? Literally, no one!

The first big thing you’ll win when switching to a remote job is winning your commute time. And with this, you’re winning one to two hours per day to spend on other things. Work in them and finish early? Yes. More sleep in the morning? Yes. A walk after lunch? Yes. A combination of all this? Perfect! It’s your choice.

Less interruption time

You’re deep working on that last report, then your co-worker is here to show you that latest trending video. You watch it, laugh, and talk a little about it. After 20 min of talk, where were you at that report? It’s hard to go back to that deep work state of mind.

Actually, a study is made around this specific topic! It shows that you need at least 23 minutes and 15 sec to get back on track after an interruption. That’s nearly 25 minutes. And given we are interrupted at least 2 to 3 days per day, that’s more than 1 hour lost.

It’s really sad how people if they want to get something done, need to stay late at work or come early in the morning. All this so they can be alone in the office and not interrupted by their co-workers.

When you work remotely, you get to chose when to work, and where. You can choose a quiet spot where you don’t get interrupted, focus for some time, and get things done.

Financial gains

Let’s go back to the first point: commuting. If you stop doing it, how much money will you save? But multiply it by weeks, months, and years. You’ll surely save some good money. And some extra money isn’t bad at all.

In addition to this, when working remotely, you can afford to cook for yourself. Imagine how much savings you’ll make by cooking for yourself!

Freedom to move and work from anywhere

As long as you have an internet connection (3G and LTE are usually enough), you can go anywhere, no question asked. A long visit to your family? Traveling the world and working? Working from coffee shops? All this is possible!

You can also rent an office with other people if you prefer. For some, they want to have the feeling of an office in order to be productive. That’s totally understandable and there are multiple co-working spaces for this.

This is my list of things I love about working remotely. It’s something that looks weird at first sight, and it is! But once you try it, it’s hard to go back.

The future of work is changing, are you ready?

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